Prophetic Apostle Vincent Chibowa
"The only wise thing a man can do is to serve God! Luke 9 verse 62"


YANOBE is history in the making. It has a humble beginning but its future is far greater than one can imagine. Despise not days of small beginning. (Zechariah 4:10). There is time for everything says the preacher in Eccl.3
Apostle Vincent Chibowa is the Founder and General Overseer of You Are Now Blessed (YANOBE) International Church. The church has its strong foundation on the trinity – God the Father, the son ( Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit. Apostle V. Chibowa is just a yield Vessel and humble Messenger of the Most High God.

Apostle V. Chibowa is called specifically to raise d isciples in Nations, Kingdoms and Continents. To accomplish this mission, Christ Jesus charged A postle Chibowa to deal with the three arch enemies of the church namely; the spirit of Religion, the spirit of Witchcraft and Satanism.


Born on 31st December, 1977 in Madisi, Dowa district in Malawi, Apostle Chibowa had a very challenging early childhood experience. He was born outside wedlock. His father went on to marry another woman and left for Zambia in fear of the repressive one party regime in Malawi. Apostle Chibowa was kidnapped from his mother at the age of 4 and taken to Zambia.

 He attended primary school in Zambia u p to grade 6 before moving back to Malawi in 1993. Apostle Chibowa's father refused to pay fees for the Apostle's secondary school education preferring to help his nephews and nieces as per tradition which recognises sister's children as forming the clan. Desiring to continue his education, A postle Chibowa did some piece works especially farming in order to pay for his school fees.


Apostle Chibowa got fed up with that type of life, as such he left his father's house and embarked on a journey to find his mother. The Apostle has very scanty information about his mother's home village. His father categorically refused to give him any details of the same apart from discouraging the Apostle that his mother had bad health and that she would have been dead at that time. So, Apostle Chibowa had no any chance of getting details of his mother's village as the other people who could have provided such information, the step mother and an aunt had also died.


By God's grace he managed to reach his mother's and he was emotionally welcomed by relatives in tears as they had lost all the hope of seeing their son again. Arrangements were then made for Apostle Chibowa to relocate to Blantyre, the Commercial City of Malawi so that he could stay with his uncle.

By this time, the Apostle had already given his life to the lord and God started communicating to him of His plan to use the Apostle to save the lost (Luke 19:10). This message was relayed to him by two angels who formed the shape of the logo of YANOBE international Church.


After finishing secondary education, Apostle Chibowa received a serious call to ministry in 2003 where Christ Jesus came to him in a vision at midnight in the company of an angel. He declared to him that "You Are Now Blessed. Go and bless others." This was to be the name of the church: YANOBE meaning; You Are Now Blessed. Christ Jesus gave A postle Chibowa a mandate to raise disciples for Jesus in N ations, K ingdoms and C ontinents. For this to be possible, three enemies of the church which are Satanism, R eligion S pirit and W itchcraft spirit have to be dealt with. Christ Jesus declared to the Apostle that n o weapon of the devil would succeed against his life just as it never prevailed against Christ himself (Isaiah 54:17). The Apostle was then taken to inspect a group of well-dressed soldiers who saluted him. Christ Jesus told him that he was "A G eneral" to raise an army for God that would deal with the three arch enemies of the church as well as to lead the masses to knowing Christ Jesus let alone get into the kingdom of God. The episode lasted until 3:30 am.


Apostle Chibowa worked with Carlsberg Malawi from 2004 until 2012 when he could not resist any more the call of God to serve him fully.


As the main mission for A postle Chibowa is to raise disciples for Chirst Jesus in N ations, K ingdoms and C ontinents, God is truly honouring His voice through his servant. Within one year of fulltime ministry, A postle is mentoring 17 P astors who are part of YANOBE International church as well as several other P astors who have their own churches and ministries within and outside Malawi.