Several people have been healed by Christ Jesus using His servant Apostle V Chibowa. The Bible says, God promised in His own words that he took our infirmities, sicknesses and diseases. (Mathew 8:17). Christ Jesus also commanded the Apostles to lay hands on the sick and that those who are laid hands, will be healed (Mark 16:18). Healing is therefore an integral part of YANOBE and God is using Apostle Chibowa to fulfil his word. Several people have been healed from different sicknesses such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, kidney failure and many other ailments. This has happened through the laying on of hands, during our prophetic Sunday services, healing and deliverance sessions, outreaches locally as well as on the international scene. People have received healing through the TV and radio especially Matindi radio where several people from all over Malawi and even Mozambique have called and testified of God’s power of healing and delivering them. God has also healed people after being prayed for on the phone from all over the world.

There several testimonies of healing to this effect.