When the children of Israel were delivered from Egypt, their greatest challenge was coming out of a bondage mentality. When God sets us free, the enemy attempts to get us to remember the good things about our former bondage because he wants to make serving God seem harder.

We must move forward! People who are stagnated spiritually have no prophetic insight. Go forth based on the word of the Lord that has been given to you. The greatest aspect of deliverance is hope. It gives us a foundation for our faith.

Your faith must stand trial. The Lord spoke to Moses and told him to tell the people to move forward (see Ex. 14:15). They could not be concerned about the Red Sea in front of them. It always takes faith to move forward. Lot was delivered out of Sodom and commanded never to look back. When his wife looked back, she lost her deliverance (see Gen. 19:27).

Obstacles will attempt to make you doubt. Soul ties will make you want to look back. Always remember that Jesus is the Author and Finisher of your faith. He brought you out, and surely, He will take you in! The enemy tempted Jesus, and no matter how anointed you are, he will continue to tempt you, also. But when temptation comes to steal your deliverance, you can make a statement that has helped me during the years: "Jesus, I love You more!"

Truly loving God instills reverential fear. The fear of the Lord is a sure foundation.