Deut. 7:5 says “ A lot of people are struggle with life challenges day and night, some could not give birth, some are carrying pregnancies for years, some destinies are padlocked, some are dangerously sick and need deliverance because their names has been submitted on evil satanic altar".

What is an Altar?

- Altar is a place of spiritual sacrifice

- It is a place of contact with the spirit world

- It is a place of communion with God or gods

- It is a place of invocation

- It is a place of servicing and activating covenants

- It is an entry point of spirits into the earth

- It is the launching pad of spiritual operations to attack

- It is a place of fellowship Purposes of satanic altars

- Satanic altars are raised to stop people’s progress

- They are raised to kill, destroy, and steal destinies

- They are raised to stop the counsel of God concerning a person


  1. GODLY ALTAR: where the children of God worship heavenly Father.
  2. MARINE ALTAR: where spirits of the water worship.
  3. CEMETERY ALTAR: this is where spirit of the dead deal with their target and that is the reason why it is good to silent every evil voice calling you from the grave.
  4. WITCHCRAFT COVEN ALTAR: this is where destinies are destroyed and glories are punished.
  5. DEEP FOREST ALTAR: they call dis altar middle of d earth, sometimes it is found inside the tree like banana plants but usually the agenda of this evil altar is to empower wicked people.
  6. WITCH DOCTOR ALTAR: this is also an evil altar raise to punish, invoke ungodly blessing etc.
  7. EVIL PROPHET ALTAR: it is a mystery to know many prophet now are evil. Their altar tells u all u need to know if you have spirit of discernment.
  8. TERRITORIAL ALTAR: all areas have demons assigned to it and the altar sometimes is at junction leading to the area or entrance to the street, which y u must pray against evil gate.


- Satanic altars oppose God and his grace in people’s lives

- They result in endless struggles and suffering

- They cause limitation and frustration

- They cause open doors for evil spirits

- They delay the program of God in people’s lives

- They cause unsolvable mysteries

- They cause unending problems, prolonged afflictions

- They cause a trend of divorce, poverty, backwardness, barrenness, untimely death, shame, disaster, etc


  1. Genuine repentance.
  2. Spiritual warfare.
  3. Raise and maintain a sustained altar of intercession until permanent victory is won.
  4. Service your altar continually with the blood of Jesus.
  5. Set the satanic altars ablaze by the fire of the Holy Ghost. God is a consuming fire.
  6. Service the altar continually by sowing and giving. Unfortunately this is the one area that the church of God is slacking in. We are told in the book of Ecclesiastes 11 “Cast thy BREAD upon the waters, after many days it shall come to you”.
  7. Engage in satanic altar breaking fasting n prayers.

I am praying that every satanic altar that has limited your advancements, progress, destiny, fruitfulness etc shall be destroyed by the fire of God this morning in Jesus name.