It is important for a Christian to be able to recognise financial bondage. But how you achieve financial freedom?

Steps to financial freedom
1 Transfer ownership
Every possession to God . Ps 8:6, Deut5:32,33
2 Freedom from debts
steps to be free from debts
1 write plan absolute good for everyone who is in financial bondage Know ; needs, wants and desire . 1 peter3:3,4, 1 John 2:15,16
2 living essential prov21:17
3 Think before  buying prov24:3
4 buy cash not credit
5 practice saving prov21:20
6 Establish the Tithe 2 corth 9:6
7 ACcept God's provision
8 Deny yourself  lk9:23, John 6: 27
9 Seek Christian counselling  Prov15:22
10  Make a budget