Favour can be attracted. If you seek favour you can find it. There are certain things you can do to bring the favour of God upon your life continuously for the rest of your life on earth. I have watched pastors prophesied favour to their members there is nothing wrong with that, without knowing certain truths the devil can stop the flow of continuous favour upon a believer’s life. Ignorant is the number problem in Christedom. (Hosea 4:6) To have a lasting and enduring favour, believers need to do the following;

  1. Read the bible and keep the commandment of the lord. Prov 3;1-6.
  2. Pray and confess the favour of God. You only pray and confess what you have study or know. It is important you hear the word of God. So that the Holy Spirit will remind you in times of need. The Holy Spirit reminds believers of what they have read or hear concerning the word of God, so it is important you come to service every time there is service.( the story of the woman who had no suitor, no male seem to propose to her. She wrote to her pastor who confess that he himself will propose to her, but let confess the favor of God and pray on it continuously. She did and sooner she got married.). One man that prayed and saw the hand of God was Job. Job 33;26.
  3. Seeking good. Prov 11; 27. prov 12;2. People who want the downfall of others may not get favour.
  4. mercy; have mercy on others to obtain favour . prov 3;3-4.
  5. Understanding; understanding is knowing the intended meaning or cause of, interpretation of a matter. Understanding is knowing where it come from, where it is and where it will be going. And how it will affect you. Prov 13; 15.
  6. wisdom; prov 8;35. wisdom is the right application of knowledge. Knowledge is knowing a thing. Wisdom will makes you act wise base on your knowledge of it.
  7. Wife or husband; prov 18;22.
  8. Righteousness gives favour; the base of God’s favour is reconciling with God. Giving your life to God. God gives special preference to His children.

Repent now and enjoy God’s favour. Ps 5;12. prov 14;9. God kind of favour is also located in the favour of man. When once you are favour by God man is compile to favour you, even though those who don’t like have no choice than to bless you, even your enemies will be forced to bless you. We operate in the Jesus kind of favour which He had with God and man. Luke 2;52.