Don’t believe there is power released when humans are willing to sacrifice that which is important to them? 

Consider the following examples: God establishes the pattern of sacrifice that would mark the Adamic race in Genesis.  By sacrificing an animal, Adam and Eve were allowed to live and power was released so that the following generations would begin to call upon the name of the Lord again.

God calls Abraham from the Moabite tradition of human sacrifice.  By the way, this one is a freebie, did you know that Lot’s son was the father of the Moabites?  You remember Lot, the crazy cousin that caused Abraham so much trouble.  However, in order to test Abraham, God asks him to sacrifice the most important thing God ever gave him.  Once Abraham demonstrates that he feared God enough to obey Him at all levels of sacrifice, power was released to transform Abraham from an idol worshiper to the father of faith.

God calls Moses to sacrifice the riches, wealth and honor of Egypt in order to release the power necessary to transform Moses into a deliverer.

Finally, the greatest demonstration of sacrifice of all, the lamb that was slain.  Jesus willingly sacrifices His own life so that “ALL” power would be given to Him and in turn given to us to prevail against the enemy of our souls.

It’s God’s desire to intervene in the day to day situations that seem to be so full of hopelessness.  However, unless the people of God are willing to become living sacrifices, while we can worship God all day long, the power of God necessary to transform our environments will remain in heaven.  Romans 12:1

Jesus Himself set the pattern for the life of sacrifice that every Christian should be modeling.  Jesus has made every spiritual resource available to us to live holy and godly lives.  However, our willingness to live sacrificial lives becomes the determining factor in just how we experience the resources made available to us.